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Javier Hernandez

Javier Hernandez sees team spirit and selflessness as a key component in United’s push for honours this season.

Despite a sprawling squad which Sir Alex Ferguson cites as the strongest in his time at Old Trafford, a prioritisation of collective aims over individual glory shines like a beacon.

“It’s a real strength of this team that there is such a good atmosphere among the players,” said Chicharito. “Everyone gets on and there are no egos.

“I don’t think, ‘I only have my job and that is what I concentrate on’. Here we want to win trophies and if we want to do that then we need to help each other and be supportive. You don’t just look out for yourself, you look out for your team-mates and each other.”

The Mexican’s mindset is strengthened by the sense of oneness among United’s strikers, who are all pulling in the same direction.

“When I play with Robin, Wazza or Danny, we always talk a lot about positioning, movement or our defensive duties,” he said. “You need to communicate and encourage each other. The strikers all play for each other.”


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